Dementia Skills Education and Training Framework – What’s New

2018 has seen a change in Dementia training, with the Skills for Health, Skills for Care and Health Education England (NHS) updating the Dementia Skills Education and Training Framework.

The Dementia Training Standards Framework is structured into three tiers:

HEE Tier Matched social care workforce group
Tier 1: Dementia awareness, in terms of knowledge, skills and attitudes for all those working in health and care settings. Group 1: All of the social care workers – dementia awareness.

Tier 2: Knowledge, Skills and attitudes for roles that have regular contact with people living with dementia.

Group 2: People working in social who are providing personalised direct care and support with dementia.
Tier 3: Enhancing the knowledge, skills and attitudes for key staff(experts) working with people with dementia designed to support them to play leadership roles Group 3: Registered Managers and other social care leaders who are managing care and support services for people with dementia.

Group 4: Social care practice leaders and managers who are managing care and support services and interventions with people with dementia which includes social workers and Occupational Therapists working in social care.


The Framework is presented in 14 subjects, ranging from dementia awareness for Tier 1, social care workforce group through Person centred Dementia Care for workgroups for the remaining tiers, and many others. The benefits of the framework is that it is applicable to all employers, their employees and to organisations engaged in training.

It will support people to:

  • Standardise the interpretation of dementia education and training
  • Guide the focus and aims of dementia education and training delivery
  • Ensure the educational relevance of dementia training
  • Improve the quality and consistency of education and training provision

The framework also supports the assessment of competence, training needs analysis and provision of minimum standards of performance management systems.

The Framework course will link to the following standards:

National Occupational Standards: SCDHSC0419: Provide advice and information to those who enquire about health and social care services. SCDHSC0026 Support individuals to access information on services and facilities. SCHCHS177 Advise on access to and use of services.

Care Skills framework: Clinical/Care Subject 8: Dementia Awareness.

Care Certificate Standards: Standard 9: Awareness of Mental Health, Dementia, and Learning disability.

Dementia Education Principles and Standards: Principle 3: Collaboration Level 1. Principle 5. Recognition Level 1.

HEDN: A Curriculum for UK Dementia Education: Core topic 1Prevention and keeping well. Core topic 2. Identification and assessment of dementia. Core topic 3. Understanding the experience of and communicating with people with dementia.

Regulated Qualifications Framework Components. Dementia Awareness. Understand the process, and experience of dementia.

These will vary from tier to tier.

Ashfield Services already goes a long way to meeting the Framework and is working on the areas not covered by its service at the moment.

For example, we already provide Dementia Awareness and Dementia – Cognitive Impairment, Communication & Consent courses and are currently working on producing further courses to meet the framework.

I am going to sign off for now, as I don’t want to keep you away from other things for too long, but I hope you will enjoy reading the blogs from the clinical team here at Ashfield Services, and if there is anything you need at all or want to discuss further, please do get in touch with us at

Mike Redworth
Senior Clinical Lead

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