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What’s covered on the day?

This course will be delivered by one of our leading tutors who has many years of experience within the field. Presented in a fun and informative way designed to meet the needs of staff working in a range of settings to ensure participants have the essential knowledge and skills that support health and safety practices as part of their roles along with understanding the process of an allergic reaction happening. This session contains the essential information for all staff attending to be alert to anaphylactic shock occurring, how to manage it and potentially save lives.


Learners will be reviewed on a continual basis of their understanding of the subject matter as they progress through the course and on their engagement with the learning materials and activities. There will be a formal assessment of the Basic Life Support technique when the learners are participating in this section of the course.

Number of Delegates: 12

Duration: Half Day

CPD Hours: 3

Participatory Hours: 3

Learning Outcomes

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  • Identify why we teach about Anaphylaxis
  • Define what Anaphylaxis is
  • Describe who is likely to develop Anaphylaxis
  • List what can cause Anaphylaxis
  • Recognise what Anaphylaxis looks like using the ABCDE approach to assessment
  • Differentiate between other possible diagnosis
  • Discuss how to treat Anaphylaxis using UK Resus Council Guidelines to Emergency Treatment
  • State what follow up a patient with Anaphylaxis requires
  • Demonstrate correct Basic Life Support techniques if the need should arise from an anaphylactic reaction
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