Ear Irrigation for Health Care Assistants

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What’s covered on the day?

This course is aimed at experienced Health Care Assistants who will be working in a clinical capacity and will be delegated ear irrigation after assessment of the patient by a Registered Practitioner. The course is designed to ensure those Health Care Assistants who are expected to irrigate, are able to do so confidently and safely. It provides knowledge and practical guidance which, together with mentorship, should enable Health Care Assistants to fulfil this extended role.


The attendees of this course will undertake a variety of assessment methods both whilst on the course and when in practice. There is a formal written exam on the second day of the course with a pass mark of 60%. There is continued assessment through the submission of a case study on completion of the programme and after a period of supervised practice. The mentor/supervisor of the HCA is required to attend the 1st day of the course also, to understand the requirements whilst in practice and whilst under supervision. There is an expectation that at least 20 patients will be assessed and treated within a 3 month period.

Number of Delegates: 8

Duration: 2 Days

CPD Hours: 14

Participatory Hours: 10

Learning Outcomes

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  • Review the anatomy and physiology of the ear
  • Describe the decontamination process of equipment
  • State the considerations required around consent and informed consent
  • Apply the principles of record keeping to documentation required for Ear Irrigation
  • Recognise perforations of the ear drum and what action to take in this situation
  • Identify correct cerumen management, and what course of action to take
  • Define Cholesteatoma and its significance to clinical practice
  • Explain the importance of recognising tinnitus and how it can affect irrigation practice
  • Discuss how hearing aids can affect irrigation practices and specific guidance for wearers
  • Demonstrate the correct procedure for ear irrigation and any complication that could potentially occur
  • Recognise the correct equipment for ear irrigation
  • Visualise what is required in Otoscopy through video and practice
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