Emergency First Aid at Work (Ofsted Accredited)

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What’s covered on the day?

This one-day accredited Emergency First Aid at Work course qualifies the delegate to act as an emergency first aider within their workplace.  It will give them the knowledge and skills to provide life saving first line treatments within the workplace, allowing them to be the first contact for any workplace emergency.


The assessment for this course is on a continual basis for the practical aspect and demonstration of the required skills. There is also a formal written assessment covering the required knowledge outcomes for the day.

Number of Delegates: 12

Duration: Full Day

CPD Hours: 7

Participatory Hours: 5

Learning Outcomes

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  • Explain the purpose of first aid and the role of the Emergency First Aider in an emergency
  • List the appropriate contents of a First Aid kit
  • State what actions are required after any first aid incident
  • Demonstrate Primary Assessment
  • Demonstrate the correct procedure for CPR
  • Demonstrate the correct use of an AED (pad placement and follow instructions)
  • Explain and simulate the procedure for helping someone who is choking
  • Recognise and explain the treatment for a casualty having a seizure
  • Demonstrate secondary survey and how you would place a casualty in the recovery position
  • Recognise the signs and symptoms of and demonstrate the treatment for shock
  • Demonstrate the treatment for external bleeding
  • Be able to explain the appropriate first aid for minor injuries
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