Introduction to Invasive Ventilation

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What’s covered on the day?

This session will cover an introduction to the theoretical and practical aspects of Invasive ventilation. It will equip the learners with essential knowledge required to care for patients who require invasive ventilation. Which will incorporate practical sessions to allow the candidates time to familiarise themselves with all aspects of the ventilators in use within the workplace environment. The session will also cover different ventilator setting and there relevance to optimum gaseous exchange including risk assessment, of potential problem and problem solving, and the impact of long term ventilation upon the psychological and physical wellbeing of the client and the wider family.


Learners will complete a knowledge assessment at the end of the theory session, allowing them to
evidence their understanding of the required criteria. There will be a supervised practical session.
A formal assessment and final competency sign off will take place back
in the work environment and is dependent on the organisational policy and procedures.

Number of Delegates: 12

Duration: Full Day

CPD Hours: 7

Participatory Hours: 5

Learning Outcomes

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  • Review the anatomy and physiology of the respiratory system and gaseous exchange.
  • Discuss the indications for invasive ventilation.
  • Discuss respiratory support, ventilator systems, CPAP, pressure support, Pressure control ventilation, volume-controlled ventilation.
  • Discuss the Importance of interpreting the individual prescription, when setting up the ventilator, including related documentation such as MAR charts.
  • Discuss the difference between active and passive humidification and the potential complications.
  • Identify the potential complications of mechanical ventilation and means of prevention, including trouble shooting.
  • Show the correct practice of setting up the ventilator used within the unit, including the use of humidification, nebulizers and supplementary oxygen
  • Discuss the impact of ventilation upon the psychological and physical wellbeing of the client and their family.
  • Discuss the legal and professional considerations when looking at Invasive ventilation
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