Managing Violence and Aggression

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What’s covered on the day?

This course is delivered by one of our experienced trainers and is aimed at health and social care workers. The course looks at a variety of behaviours which pose difficulties for staff within care settings. Learners will explore how best to approach and manage occurrences of challenging and unpredictable behaviour. This course also enables learners to have an understanding and awareness of the reasons why a person may present with challenging behaviour. This is a theoretical course only, and will not include any breakaway techniques or physical interventions.


As this is a theoretical course there is no practical assessment of learning, however, a knowledge assessment will be carried out. The tutor will be actively monitoring and reviewing the learners contributions and understanding and the learners will demonstrate this through the completed knowledge assessment during the course of the day.

Number of Delegates: 15

Duration: Full Day

CPD Hours: 6

Participatory Hours: 5

Learning Outcomes

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  • Define what is meant by the term “challenging behaviour”
  • Identify Triggers and reasons for behaviour that we find difficult
  • Explain how Communication and Person Centred Approach has an effect on behaviours
  • Outline the Continuum of aggression, identifying different behaviours and what de-escalation interventions can be used
  • Under that the importance of an effective De-brief and explain the consequences of behaviours
  • Describe what is meant by the term “reasonable force”
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