Palliative Care (Nurses)

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What’s covered on the day?

This course is aimed at Nurses involved in delivering Palliative Care to service users within a care setting. The course will enhance existing skills and to discover new approaches that will further enrich this field of nursing, making it a more positive experience. This will course explore how Palliative care is affected by a range of potential complications and barriers. Delegates will be encouraged to explore their own fears and anxieties, recognise the importance their input will bring and feel confident with their delivery of care.


As this is a theoretical course there is no practical assessment of learning, however, a knowledge assessment will be carried out. The tutor will be actively monitoring and reviewing the learner’s contributions and understanding and the
learners will demonstrate this through the completed knowledge assessment

Number of Delegates: 15

Duration: Half Day

CPD Hours: 3

Participatory Hours: 3

Learning Outcomes

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  • Describe good communication skills
  • Recognise the importance of Skin care
  • Define Mouth care
  • Understand the importance of nutrition
  • State simple ways they can help elevate symptoms/pain by positioning
    some of the common symptoms they might encounter
  • Define the basics of loss and bereavement for the families and the patient
  • Describe dealing with haemorrhages from fungating wounds
  • Understand some Spiritual issues
  • Understand pain/symptom control
  • Analyse dealing with fungating wounds and malodorous wounds
  • Examine their own feelings/staff support
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