Tissue Viability – Compression Bandaging

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What’s covered on the day?

This session will cover all of the theoretical knowledge requirements for Registered Nurses to understand the principles of safe use and management of compression bandaging, when used for the active treatment of Leg Ulcers. Delegates will gain the experience of applying the bandaging under supervision of an experienced Tissue Viability Nurse, although competency will not be assessed on the course, and these requirements will need to be sourced at local level.


Learners will undertake a knowledge assessment as part of the course, as well as gain practical skills in the application of compression bandaging, although they will not gain competency assessment or recognition from this course. Competency assessments will be required before the Registered Nurse will be able to apply compression therapy independently.

Number of Delegates: 12

Duration: Half Day

CPD Hours: 3

Participatory Hours: 3

Learning Outcomes

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  • Define the accountability and responsibility of a Registered Nurse who is applying compression bandages as part of the individual’s treatment plan
  • State the requirements that are involved in adequate care planning for individuals who have leg ulceration
  • Describe the steps required to ensure essential skin care is undertaken whilst applying compression bandaging
  • Recall the relevant theory and application of the Doppler Assessments to ensure safe use of compression therapy
  • List the potential and actual burdens that an individual can face with leg ulceration
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the theory and practice when applying compression bandages to leg ulce
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