Founded in 2014, Ashfield Services is an award-winning Mandatory, Clinical and Specialist training provider, focused on the mission of improving the quality of health and social care provided throughout the UK.

Offering Mandatory, Clinical and Specialist care training to both nurses and health care practitioners and organisations, Ashfield’s expert Tutors host more than 130 courses nationwide, covering every area of health and social care.

We provide Open Courses, In House Courses and eLearning Courses, with services created to meet the needs of both individual learners and large organisations.

Our expert training is underpinned by the efforts of a driven team of commercial partnership and customer service professionals, committed to connecting our customers with the training courses and programmes best matching their needs.

With over 50 years of combined industry experience in the health and social care sector, our team have the knowledge, expertise and practical insight necessary to provide our customers with the unparalleled levels of service Ashfield Services is known for.


Our Management Team

Matthew Attfield

Managing Director

Iain McGregor

Clinical Director

Mike Redworth

Senior Clinical Lead

Billy Parish

Sales Director

Abbie Stewart

Course Manager

Yuki Harris

Finance Director


We have developed a culture of continuous development, with each member of our team encouraged to attend the courses we run as frequently as possible, to expand the depth of their understanding.

This not only ensures that everybody within the Ashfield team knows as much as possible about the health and social care section, but it also allows for this knowledge and insight to be passed directly to our customers, improving the level of advice we’re able to offer.

Our Clinical Director, Iain McGregor, remains a practising Clinician. This front-line experience ensures that our understanding of the current regulations, requirements and demands of the care sector are up-to-date, and that voices from within the sector are actively helping shape our service.

Each of our training sessions is delivered by an experienced Tutor within the subject matter being taught, giving our learners access to the brightest talent and best knowledge possible.

Not only do we ensure that each Ashfield Services Tutors are experts, but we also understand the importance of finding individuals who are comfortable and confident in delivering our courses. This means that our Tutors are engaging and energetic, and create the best possible learning environments.

As we continue to grow, refine our courses and expand our service offering, we look forward to driving improvement deep within the health and social care sector; improving skills and knowledge, helping individuals remain compliant and progress, and increasing the overall levels of patient care.