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Frequently Asked Questions

At Ashfield Services our team is dedicated to helping each and every potential client to decide whether our industry-leading healthcare training courses suit their needs.

Ashfield has featured a selection of frequently asked questions below along with their answers. If your question is not listed below, please contact us via email, where one of our team will answer your query as soon we can. 

  • Do your courses meet CQC guidelines?
    Ashfield Services courses meet all CQC guidelines and are developed and kept up to date in line with NICE Guidelines, are mapped into the QCF Framework and meet all industry best practice standards to ensure you receive the highest quality of training in each subject we offer.
  • How many CPD hours and Participatory hours will the delegate receive?
    Each course is dependant on the length of the session. As a “rule of thumb” our Half Day courses are equivalent to 3 CPD Hours and 2.5 Participatory Hours and our Full Day courses are equivalent to 7 CPD Hours and 5 Participatory Hours.
  • What are Knowledge Assessments?
    All courses have a knowledge assessment. There are two reasons for this. The knowledge assessment is required as part of the competency requirements. Secondly, the aim is to assess the amount of earning that has taken place during the course and the guide you to further training if necessary.
  • How are competencies assessed?
    Competencies have two components: the Knowledge Units and the Performance Criteria. Your knowledge units are evidenced by your certificate of attendance and your knowledge assessment. Your performance criteria is evidenced in two ways, according to the course you are undertaking. Firstly, there will be a simulated competence which you will undertake during the course and, secondly, you will return to your workplace to have supervised practice on live people a number of time before you can practice unsupervised. Some courses require self-assessment but you will still have simulated practice during the course. Some course do not require competences. These are usually ‘Awareness’ courses.
  • Are your courses accredited?
    Ashfield Services courses are not accredited, but are developed by our Clinical Department in line with NICE Guidelines, are mapped into the QCF Framework and meet all industry best practice standards to ensure you receive the highest quality of training in each subject we offer.
  • Will I be allowed to join the course if I'm late?
    We understand that there can be traffic and other issues when you are attending courses. In the main, we allow a period of 15 minutes for lateness. After the 15 minute time is up it will depend on the individual tutor. They will take into consideration how much of the content of the course you have missed and whether this will have an impact on the desired learning. After 15 minutes you may be asked NOT to join the course.
  • How many handouts/course information documents do I need to print out?
    This is completely down to you to decide. Ashfield Services work electronically to keep our costs to a minimum, therefore being able to pass these savings to you when booking onto our courses. As a minimum, the course Handouts and Competency Documents are required for each individual, however some of our sessions do include large workbooks for reference which may be passed onto delegates electronically also.
  • Can I cancel/change my course date?
    Ashfield Services offer as a standard to all bookings a 14 day cooling off period where you can choose to cancel or amend your order, without any charges. For requests to cancel or change your course or date, please see our full T&Cs available here for options that are available to you.
  • How do you choose who teaches your courses?
    Our Clinical Department review each applicant that applies to become a Tutor with Ashfield Services, looking at their past experience, teaching abilities and qualifications. Alongside this, our Clinical Department conduct random Peer Reviews on our Tutors to ensure the high standards of Ashfield Services are met within each one of our courses and that all Learning Objectives are achieved. Where required, Ashfield Services will source industry subject matter experts to conduct the learning for specific subjects, ie. all Tissue Viability subjects offered by Ashfield Services are delivered by a Tissue Viability Nurse.
  • Do you change locations for your open courses?
    All locations Ashfield Services cover on Open Courses are reviewed on a year by year basis and as a result, some locations are introduced and likewise, some locations are discontinued from the schedule of courses. If you would like to see an Ashfield Services Open Course nearer to you, please get in touch to register your interest.
  • How do I pay?
    For Commercial Bookings, all courses are issued with an Invoice, payable within 30 days, or 7 days after the course date, whichever is sooner. For Individuals booking for themselves, payment is made via card at the point of booking.
  • What type of room do you require for training onsite?
    Ashfield Services require a room suitable to comfortably seat the number of delegates attending the course with sufficient room at the front of the class for our Tutor to conduct the learning and where a practical element is included, sufficient space should be provided for this to take place. All training rooms should meet Health & Safety regulations. Further information on this can be found in our T&Cs here.
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