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About Ashfield

About Ashfield Services

Ashfield Healthcare is a forward thinking Mandatory, Clinical and Specialist training provider, focused on the mission of improving the quality of health and social care provided throughout the UK.

Offering Mandatory, Clinical and Specialist care training to both nurses and health care practitioners and organisations, Ashfield’s tutors host more than 130 courses nationwide, covering every area of health and social care.

We provide Open Courses, Onsite Courses, and Virtual Courses, with services created to meet the needs of both individual learners and organisations of all sizes.

Our training is underpinned by the efforts of a driven team of commercial partnership and customer service professionals, committed to connecting our customers with the training courses and programmes best matching their needs.

With over 50 years of combined industry experience in the health and social care sector, our team have the knowledge, expertise and practical insight necessary to provide our customers with the unparalleled levels of service Ashfield Services is known for.

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Quality Assurance

Quality is at the heart of Ashfield Healthcare, a part of Ashfield Services.

We aim to provide our services to the highest possible standards both from a customer care perspective and course delivery aspect. 

Both our theoretical and practical courses are based on best practice standards, national guidelines and evidence-based practice. We look at the standards set by the national care regulators to ensure that we are able to assist our customers in meeting their training needs and therefore be able to deliver quality care and support to the individuals they provide services for. Our quality services recognise diversity, are inclusive of all, and promote equality;

Our team endeavour to provide customers with as much information as possible to ensure they are selecting the most appropriate course to meet their needs.

Monitoring of services is central to ensuring delivery is of a high quality and this quality is sustained. We ensure this via a number of methods:

  • We ensure all our taught materials are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure they are up to date and current.

  • We peer review our tutors to ensure the quality of teaching and accuracy of the information. 

  • We offer knowledge assessments at the end of many courses taught, to ensure the attendees have understood, retained and can use the information in a clinical based way.

  • We utilise the knowledge and skills of expert tutors to deliver the courses to our customers, each of them having the relevant practice-based experience to support the subject matter they are delivering. 

  • Many members of our Clinical Team and Associate Tutors maintain their own clinical understanding and skills through ongoing practice in a variety of roles within practice settings.

We take feedback seriously within Ashfield Services and collate this at the end of each course and actively encourage both our customers and tutors to share their experiences with us, so that we are able to maintain an ongoing review process of all our course materials and course deliveries. We maintain an open contact approach with our existing and new customers and appreciate any feedback about our systems and processes throughout the training journey with us. To find out more about our quality assurance processes, please contact Ashfield.

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