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How Many CPD Hours Do I Require for Revalidation?

As part of your revalidation to remain as a nurse, you must undertake 35 hours of continuing professional development (CPD) relevant to your scope of practice as a nurse or midwife over the three years prior to your revalidation date.

Of those 35 hours of CPD, at least 20 must have included participatory learning.

What is participatory learning?

Participatory learning is a learning activity undertaken with one or more professionals where you personally interact with other people. The learning activity does not always need to be in a shared physical environment, it could be in a virtual environment, such as an online discussion group or a professional Twitter discussion. The professionals you engage with through participatory learning do not have to be health care professionals.

What counts towards to CPD hours and what evidence should I keep?

  • Structured learning (direct or distance learning style) – Certificate of completion, notes, learning outcomes

  • Accredited college or university-level education or training – Certificate of completion, notes, learning outcomes

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  • Mandatory training specifically relevant to role – Certification of completion, learning outcomes

  • Learning events such as workshops, conferences – Certificate of attendance

  • Reading and reviewing publications – Copies of publications read, review notes including practice-related outcomes

  • Enquiry based research – Copies of publications or data reviewed, notes including practice-related outcomes

  • Peer review activities – Evidence of peer review including notes, observations and outcomes

  • Coaching and mentoring in a specific skill (role in either delivery or being a recipient) – Evidence of coaching/ mentoring undertaken including letters, notes, observations and practice-related outcomes

How can I find my revalidation date and more information on the CPD requirements?

  • Sign up to NMC Online and check your renewal date

  • Use NMC Online to manage your registration. Set up a free account and check your renewal date (the date when you will be revalidating)

  • There is further online guidance for CPD requirements available via the NMC online website

The NMC will notify you at least 60 days before your application for revalidation is due. You then have 60 days to log in to NMC Online and complete the application process.



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