Acquired Brain Injury

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What’s covered on the day?

This course covers the Health Care Professional’s role in contributing to the care of someone with an Acquired Brain Injury. This ABI course will explore how the brain works and the part it plays in everyday functioning of the body, including movement, thought, language, memory and controlling of the senses  helping learners to understand the impact that brain injury can have on an individual.


Learners will be reviewed on a continual basis of their understanding of the subject matter as they progress through the course and on their engagement with the learning materials and activities. There will be a knowledge assessment held at the end of the course.

Number of Delegates: 15

Duration: Half Day

CPD Hours: 3

Participatory Hours: 3

Learning Outcomes

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  • Name the six main areas of the brain and their functions of each area of the brain
  • Define acquired brain injury and identify possible causes
  • Explain the possible effects of injuries to different parts of the brain
  • List the five categories into which the effects of acquired brain injuries (ABIs) fall
  • Describe the kinds of problems that can arise in relation to cognitive and communication skills
  • Understand how a person’s behaviour and emotional state may change
  • Identify the physical impact an acquired brain injury can have
  • Identify the areas of a person’s life that might change as a result of an ABI
  • Understand the importance of effective planning when supporting someone
  • Explain what is meant by rehabilitation and what it involves
  • List some of the possible barriers to rehabilitation
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