Autism Awareness and Autistic Spectrum Disorders

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What’s covered on the day?

This awareness session on autism awareness and the autistic spectrum disorders will equip staff members with the essential knowledge of the definitions, history and demographics of the disorder. It will also explore with the staff the associated characteristics, abilities, symptoms and some of the challenges that are potentially faced when caring and supporting for individuals. It will also highlight some examples of good healthcare practices and some of the negative experiences and stereotypes that are applied to individuals who autism.


There is no formal assessment of this awareness session, although the trainer will utilise a range of teaching and assessment strategies to ensure the development and understanding of the learning outcomes.

Number of Delegates: 15

Duration: Half Day

CPD Hours: 3

Participatory Hours: 3

Learning Outcomes

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  • Define autism and autistic spectrum disorders
  • Identify the historical aspects of the disorder and how it was initially recognised
  • Discuss the demographics around autism and autistic spectrum disorders
  • Describe the associated characteristics of autism and ASD
  • List the symptoms of autism and ASD
  • Analyse the abilities and challenges that are faced by individuals with autism and ASD
  • Highlight good practices for caring and supporting individuals
  • Explore the negative experiences and stereotypes of autism and ASD
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