Disengagement/Breakaway Skills

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What’s covered on the day?

This session will explore the law regarding physical intervention, the concept of reasonable force and duty of care. The course teaches staff practical disengagement and defence techniques for varying risk levels. The physical intervention techniques taught on the course have been independently medically risk assessed by the Institute of Conflict Management and incorporates techniques that are taught within the guide lines of; NHS Protects, BILD (British Institute of Learning Disabilities) & Department of Health.


Delegates will be assessed continuously throughout the session by the Tutor and will receive a Certificate of Attendance following the course, valid for 1 year.

Number of Delegates: 15

Duration: Full Day

CPD Hours: 7

Participatory Hours: 5

Learning Outcomes

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  • Reasonable force – Benefits of non-physical techniques – Legislation – Dynamic risk assessment – Identify the importance of recording and debriefing – Disengagement techniques (including- wrist, hair, throat and clothing grabs ) -Effective defence techniques (including punches and kicks) – Third party interventions.
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