IV Cannulation and PICC Lines

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What’s covered on the day?

This session will cover the theoretical and practical aspects of peripheral cannulation intravenous therapies, including infusions with particular reference to Peripherally inserted central catheters (PICC lines). It will equip the learners with all of the essential knowledge required to care for a patient who has a PICC line in place, how to administer antibiotics via the central line how to change the dressings, how to flush the PICC line to maintain patency. Including problem solving, risk assessment of potential problems and overview of other central venous devices that are commonly used in the community.


Learners will complete a knowledge assessment at the end of the theory session, allowing them to
evidence their understanding of the required criteria.
A formal assessment and final competency sign off will take place back
in the work environment and is dependent on the organizational policy and procedures.

Number of Delegates: 12

Duration: Full Day

CPD Hours: 7

Participatory Hours: 7

Learning Outcomes

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  • Review the anatomy and physiology of the venous system and circulation, paying attention to how PICC lines are inserted.
  • Discuss the legal and professional considerations when looking at cannulation and IV therapies including Central lines.
  • List the equipment required to perform IV therapies via the PICC line
  • Use the VIP Score criteria for assessing the suitability of the central line.
  • Identify the potential hazards of central line therapies.
  • Show the correct practice of running and maintaining a lines patency.
  • Interpret a prescription for IV fluids and calculate the flow rate or drip rates for running IV infusions
  • Apply the principles of medicines management when looking at IV therapies via a central venous catheter
  • Demonstrate correct, safe practices when administering medications IV therapies or the drawing of blood via a central venous catheter (PICC line)
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