Vehicle / Plant Marshal

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This course will help candidates comply with Management Regs 1999, Workplace Regs 1992 and HSE Guidance and Approved Codes of Practice in relation to vehicle control and interaction with pedestrians.

Course includes:

  • Reversing 90° left
  • Reversing 90° right
  • Reversing around obstacles
  • Reversing up to loading bays
  • Importance of mirror use
  • Importance of assisted reversing
  • Legal consequences
  • What vehicle manoeuvres will be necessary?
  • Can you avoid the need to reverse vehicles?
  • If vehicles must reverse, can you remove people from the area?
  • Is there enough space for reversing?
  • Do vehicles use the most suitable route when reversing?
  • Considering all possible ways of dealing with the dangers of reversing vehicles

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CPD Hours:

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Learning Outcomes

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